These are the sacred jewels of Swami Ayyappaa and are still the property of the Panthalam royal family. The journey that the jewels make from Panthalam to Sabari Maalai is the most anticipated event. The jewels are contained in 3 boxes. Thiruvaabharanam begins its journey 2 days before Makara Jothi day and, every year a Garuda (eagle) hovers and flies above the jewels as if to guard them. On arrival at Sabari Maalai, the jewels are used by the priests to adorn the lord, and when the Aarathi is performed, a brilliant light appears in the northeastern side to the temple, at the opposite mountain, in a place called Kaanthamalai (the celestial home of Devas and rishis). The ornaments which are used, were those Ayyappaa would have worn on the day of his coronation as king of Panthalam, these were given to Lord Ayyappaa by king Rajesekhara, but after revealing His divine identity, king Rajesekhara was instructed to take the jewels every year to Sabarimalai to adorn the lord on the Makara Sankranthi Day.