Thai Poosam Kavady 2017 @ Shree Ayyappaa Kshetram

Shree Ayyappaa Kshetram celebrates Thai Poosam Kaavady

The members and officials of the Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram take great pleasure in inviting all devotees to Shree Ayyappaa Kshetram in Erasmia, the Abode of Enlightenment, where the festival of Kaavady, dedicated to the worship of Lord Murugaa who personifies knowledge and the control of the senses by the enlightened mind, will be celebrated on Sunday 12th February 2017 starting promptly at 08h00.

The word Kaavady comes from two words “Kaavu” meaning lift and carry and Adi meaning the feet of God and therefore its complete meaning is to carry and lift one’s psychological and physical burdens (Fruit of one’s Karma) and leave at  the feet of God in total submission or surrender to the Law of Cause and Effect (“What you sow, So shall you reap”). The festival starts with the hoisting of the flag where the flagpost represents the spinal column of Man, in which the latent spiritual energy lays dormant at its base, and the flag adorned with a Rooster, is symbolical of the awakening of enlightenment, similar to the rooster awakening and crowing at the break of dawn. The hoisting of the flag is symbolic of the rising spiritual energy, awareness and consciousness in the spiritual aspirant as he announces his intention to undertake the fast.

This marks the beginning of the minimum 10 day fast which is directed at controlling:

  • The Senses which is normally drawn into the world of pleasure and pain
  • The Mind which is fickle and emotionally labile
  • The Intellect, which needs to be sharpened to discriminate effectively between all the pairs of opposites the devotee experiences

On the tenth day a Kaavadi, which is a symbol of gratitude, courage, penance and austerity, is carried to the feet of Lord Murugaa while religious songs are sung, pleading with Lord Muruga to bestow balance and benevolence, prosperity and the power of endurance, material and spiritual progress on the devotee. The entire Kaavadi festival is suffused with inspiration, dedication and religious fervour.

Daily Ubayams (offering to the deity and donation to the temple), Poojaa (worship) and discourse related to the festival of Kaavadi and worship of Lord Murugaa will be conducted at 7pm during weekdays and 09h30 on Saturdays and Sundays (from 1st February to 11th February 2017).

You are welcome to donate to the temple to help with funding for this festival or to perform an Ubayam.

Do visit Shree Ayyappaa Kshetram and experience this Kaavady festival which will leave you spiritually charged and intellectually stimulated for wanting to know more about our glorious religion. This will leave you spiritually and materially balanced.

All are welcome.
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